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We have a long history of successful international and national executive search placements across the Government, Education, Non-Profit and Research sectors.

Senior Executive, Board or Council Appointments

  • Chair and Board Non-Executive Director roles

  • Chancellor placement and pre-employment checks

  • Chief Executive Officer, Department of Tourism & Culture

  • Chief Executive Officer, Department of Education

  • Chief Executive Officer, Department of Health

  • Chief Executive Officer, Department of Housing & Community Development

  • Chief Executive Officer, Department of the Chief Minister

  • Chief Executive Officer, Trade & Investment

  • Chief Executive Officer, QTAC Chief Executive Officer

  • Chief Executive Officer, Research Institute

  • Chief Operating Officer for several universities including The ANU Chief Operating Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Chief People and Culture Officer

  • Chief Digital Officer

  • General Counsel

  • Deputy Director-General, Department of Natural Resources & Mines

  • Director, Clinical Translation, Research Institute

  • Director, Cybersecurity

  • Director, Governance and Risk

  • Director, Health and Safety

  • Director, Human Resource Management

  • Director, Major Projects, and Planning

  • Director, Office for Research

  • Director, Property & Facilities

  • Executive Director, Finance & Resources

  • Executive Director, Research Partnerships

  • Executive Director, Strategic Marketing & Communications

  • Pro Vice-Chancellor Global Partnerships

  • Pro Vice-Chancellor Industry Engagement & Innovation

  • Pro Vice-Chancellor Research Infrastructure

  • Provost

  • Vice President Business Development

  • Vice President (Corporate Services)

  • Treasurer & Director, Investment Office

  • University Registrar

  • University Secretary

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